Saturday, 31 December 2011

A Little About WGA Designs

WGA Designs was integrated to give the indie author a place to go for dynamic and eye-catching book covers. Pulling from over 19 years experience in graphic design, my interest in cover design was peeked when my wife, Carolyn Arnold, best-selling author of TIES THAT BIND, needed cover art.

From there it has expanded, and I would now like to offer my services to all indie authors.

Key to the development of an effective cover is images or artwork that capture the essence of the book.  It is vital that both the author name and the book title stand out as much as possible, especially considering much of today’s publishing is done via ebooks, which only allow a small thumbnail image. 

In order to capture and bring to reality the author’s vision of their book I need to know what image and colors best describe the book or major theme to them.  From there I will also require the genre and a brief synopsis so I have a concept as to where the story is headed.  The purpose for this is I so have some creative mobility to intersperse other elements into the design.

For example, with Carolyn Arnold’s book TIES THAT BIND, neckties were used as the murder weapon.  In addition, it’s a detective series so a badge was appropriate.  Thus the reader knows immediately upon seeing the cover TIES THAT BIND is a police procedural book.

A cover is the strongest tool any author has at their immediate disposal.  It’s a fact people are motivated to reach for what appeals to the eye.

This is where I come in.  My purpose is to make you and your book stand out from the rest.

If this sounds like something you have a need for, please email me.  You can also peruse my Portfolio and About Me and Contact.

I look forward to working with you.